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Private or small group lessons are a great way to get the extra edge you are looking for to improve your game!

At Origin Athletics we are committed to providing our members with every opportunity to improve their skills and reach their fullest potential. Our professional instructors and can provide this skill set development on an individual basis or in small groups. They also conduct our camps and clinics throughout the year helping countless baseball and softball players and coaches learn more about the game and ways they can improve their skills.

Areas of Instruction:

Hitting – Pitching – Catching – Fielding & Throwing

We utilize the finest training and teaching aids on the market to teach our participants the proper fundamental skills for maximizing development and future success. We will select the best instructor to suit your skill level and specific needs.

  • Our lessons are available for all ages.
  • Lesson time slots will be scheduled in 30 min. and 60 min. intervals based on your specific request.


Session Type Description New Price Package Price (5+)
1-on-1 Baseball/Softball/Conditioning 30 min. $55.00 $50.00
1-on-1 Baseball/Softball/Conditioning 60 min. $100.00 $95.00
CV/DP 1-on-1 Baseball/Conditioning 30 min. $60.00 $55.00
CV/DP 1-on-1 Baseball/Conditioning 60 min. $110.00 $100.00
2-on-1 Baseball/Softball/Conditioning 30 min. $35.00 $30.00
2-on-1 Baseball/Softball/Conditioning 60 min. $65.00 $55.00
3-on-1 Baseball/Softball/Conditioning 60 min. $55.00 $45.00
4-on-1 Baseball/Softball/Conditioning 60 min. $45.00 $40.00
Team Instruction Baseball/Softball/Conditioning * 60 min. $190.00 $180.00
Offsite Baseball/Softball/Conditioning 60 min. $110.00 $100.00


* Price based on two cages and 1 instructor

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