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Complete Program Listing: ’24/’25 Advanced Throwers Academy

Date Info


’24/’25 Advanced Throwers Academy


09/03/2024  - 03/06/2025 

Program Details

Age Group

Grades 8-12






Dates: Sep. 3-Mar. 6 / Tue, Thurs, Sat (81 total sessions)


Time slots: 4-6, 5-7, 6-8pm. Groups of 10

Details: ATA is a 6 month data driven program that focuses on player development. The program is for highly motivated and hard working athletes that are focused on playing at the next level.


All athletes will have a detailed throwing program, mobility routine to correct deficiencies, and a strength program focusing on adding mass and muscle.


What’s included: 

  1. An assessment that focuses on:
    1. Analysis on pitching mechanics
    2. Rapsodo report on off-speed pitches
    3. Mobility screening
    4. Strength baseline
  2. Individual programming based around your needs which will include:
    1. Throwing drills
    2. Mobility routine
    3. Strength training
  3. Access to trainers
    1. The trainers take a high interest in working with the athlete and getting to know them to help them achieve their goals.
  4. Driveline TRAQ Software
    1. Everyday athletes will be programmed in the TRAQ software. Just log in to your account each day and you are set to go!
  5. Rapsodo bullpens
    1. These bullpens will focus on developing a full pitch arsenal and off-speed pitches using Rapsodo.


Tools used throughout the program: 

  1. Driveline plyocare balls
  2. Driveline weighted balls
  3. J-Bands
  4. Shoulder Tube
  5. Medicine balls
  6. Rapsodo
  7. Pitch AI
  8. Stalker radar guns and LED’s
  9. Tendo bar speed tracker

Dates: Sep. 5-Mar. 9 / Tue, Thurs, Sat 83 sessions

Time slots:

T/TH 4-6pm S 10-12

T/TH 5-7pm S 11-1

T/TH 6-8pm S 12-2

Groups of 10

Price: $2500

Minimum $500 Deposit
Monthly payments of $400 from October to February

*A full payment of $2500 is required regardless of which payment plan is chosen.  There is no month no month option.  Holiday times may vary.  Origin Athletics reserves the right cancel a session for inclement weather or safety of its members.*

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