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Complete Program Listing: 5 Man I.T.B. Fall League

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5 Man I.T.B. Fall League


09/07/2021  - 09/28/2021 

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Age Group

Grades Ages 6,7, beginner 8's




We are entering our fourth full season of our 5 man Intro to Travel Baseball League.  Last year 95 athletes participated in either our Spring, Summer, Fall or ITB prep programs.  We ran both a spring and an August league last year and both sessions were filled.


Our dates for the Fall League are now posted.


Thank you for helping us create a better way to do youth baseball


Read below to see why 5 Man I.T.B. is a better way to do beginner baseball.

Why        The current landscape of beginning baseball has not been a productive way to introduce the sport to young kids.  12 to 15 players per team where kids get 1 at bat in an hour is not productive and not fun. We started a youth baseball league that moves at a fast pace to keep kids engaged. Our goal is to create game situations that can be taught on the fly and prepare kids for higher levels in the years to come.  The biggest goal is to get the players excited about playing again next year, at whichever level that ends up being.


Who        The league is designed for youth/beginner players as an alternative to beginner little league, and Tee ball.  Target ages are 6,7, and beginner 8 year olds.  Origin Athletics Staff will run the teams and facilitate the games. Players can sign up individually and be assigned to a team after spring training.  Groups of players can also be brought in together to form a team or part of a team.


Games will consist of 90-minute sessions:

15 min: defensive warm up/practice with team

15 min: offensive warm up/practice with team

60 min: coach pitch game

6 minutes per ½ inning or 3 outs whichever comes first

7-8 players per team

No outfielders – Outfield play is not a priority at this level.  The skills will still be taught in all of the instruction settings, but eliminating the positions will keep the players engaged, keep at bats coming quickly, and focus on the infield play.

Positions: 1b, 2b, 3b, SS, P

Catch net and target will be used as strike zone

Fence will be put behind the infielders


Tuesday evening games: 9/7, 9/14, 9/21, 9/28 (10/5) rain date


Tuesday Games – Oakland Christian High School (may be moved inside based on weather)

Start times will be between 5:30 and 6:30.  Will be specifically determined as start date approaches.  Due to daylight we will shorten the warm up times

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