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The Varsity M.V.P. Program was created for the best of the best in the baseball community. Athletes are pushed to reach a goal of improved speed, power and throwing velocity through a series of physically demanding exercises. At the same time there is strict attention paid to increasing core strength and stabilizing baseball specific muscles groups and joints.

Throughout the Varsity M.V.P. program the overload/underload principle is utilized to Maximize throwing velocity. As discussed in the April 09 issue of Strength and Conditioning Journal, 11 studies of youth, high school and Collegiate athletes using 4 oz. (underload) and as high as 17 oz. (overload) balls showed an increase in throwing velocities. Our program utilizes 4 oz. and 6 oz. balls and has also produced excellent results.

Movements in the sport of baseball are rarely more than 10 seconds in length. Throwing, hitting and base running are explosive and ballistic in nature and call for muscles to fire at high speeds. Therefore, once an initial base of strength is established, athletes need to condition their muscles to mimic the movement patterns created on the field. We achieve this in M.V.P. with plyometric training, high velocity med ball throwing and slamming, and traditional strength training at maximal efforts.

The results of M.V.P. are monitored throughout the duration of the program with periodic athletic assessments. Athletes are measured on 8 standard tests, the results of which can be viewed on the athletic assessment portion of Strength, Speed and Conditioning page. Past programs have read as a who’s who of Oakland County baseball. Currently our  graduating classes have featured over 40 players who went on to play at the collegiate level including, Michigan State University, Kalamazoo College, Toledo University, Hope College, Concordia University, St. Claire County Community College, Hillsdale College, Yale, Adrian College, Owens C.C., Bluffton University, Roosevelt College, Lincoln Trail College, Heidelburg College, University of Northwest Ohio, Eastern Michigan University and the University of Tennessee. Furthermore, our underclassmen went on to high accolades within their leagues, and regions.

Because of the intense workload, M.V.P. requires a solid background in strength and conditioning for participation. To find out if you qualify or to ask any questions about the M.V.P. Program please contact us.

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