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We are excited to announce the creation of Origin Athletics, a not for profit organization designed to help baseball and softball athletes across the state of Michigan achieve their goals.  Formally the Varsity Shop Training Center, Origin will build upon the success and standards of the VSTC and push the expectations of athletic development in the state.  With a commitment to continued education, state of the art resources, and a highly accomplished staff, Origin will be at the forefront of athletic development from beginner ball players to the pros.

For 13 years the Varsity Shop Training Center has stood as a pillar in the baseball and softball community.  The vision of Marc Secontine and Jim Weissenborn grew from a conversation about a batting cage in a basement, to over a decade of serving the community.  Thousands of athletes have come through the door during that time and have benefited from their commitment to providing a quality experience.

With a shift in Direction, Origin Athletics was created.  Its goal is to build upon the high standards already established and provide even more opportunities for athletes all over the area.

Our focus and programs will revolve around four separate and distinct baseball and softball customer groups:

  • Team Training: Full facility rental with flexible use of all equipment.
  • Clinics-Camps: Various sessions for all age groups throughout the year developed by our highly qualified instructors and staff.
  • Private Lessons: A full compliment of first-class instructors who employ the best practice teaching programs for all ages either individually or in small groups.
  • Open Time Cage Rental: Batting cage and field time will be available to our members by appointment and reservation to continue their development goals and objectives.

Origin Athletics is Oakland County’s premier sports training and instruction facility for baseball and softball players of all ages and abilities. Our 11,000 square foot facility offers a 9,500 square foot fully turfed practice surface. Based on a team or individual’s choice, the space can be fully outfitted with our top of the line training equipment or completely cleared for open surface training and drills.

Here is a list of what our facility has to offer:

  • Training Surface: 110 feet long x 85 feet wide
  • 6 Full sized batting cage nets. All fully retractable for open surface training.
    Cage 1: 55 feet long x 14 feet wide
    Cage 2: 70 feet long x 14 feet wide
    Cage 3: 70 feet long x 14 feet wide
    Cage 4: 70 feet long x 14 feet wide
    Cage 5a: 70 feet long x 14 feet wide (Dividable)
  • Cage 5b: 70 feet long x 14 feet wide (Dividable)
  • Top-line Pitching Machines:Sports Attack “Hack Attack” Baseball: Straight & Breaking balls
    Atec “Casey Pro 3G” Baseball: Straight & Breaking balls
    Atec “Casey Pro 3G” Softball: Straight & Breaking balls
  • Little League and High School Pitching Mounds
    ProMounds “ProModel” Baseball 9’L x 5’W x 10” mound height with rubber
    ProMounds “Little League” Baseball 6’L x 5’W x 6” mound height with rubber
    ProMounds “Softball” 9’L x 3’W flat with rubber
  • Full Line of Hitting, Fielding and Pitching Nets
    Professional Baseball L Screens and Softball Pitching Screens
    Full Fielding Screens, Soft-toss Hitting Screens with Pocket
  • Full Line of Practice Accessories
    Pitching machine dimpled baseballs and softballs
    Turf practice baseballs and softballs
    Demo baseball and softball bats
    Baseball, softball helmets and protective gear

All of our batting cage nets are collapsible and offer a customized open surface for Team Training which can involve any combination of the equipment listed above, along with bases and target nets.

Please contact our facility for more information.

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