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Complete Program Listing: In-season Weight Lifting Program

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In-season Weight Lifting Program


03/18/2024  - 05/31/2024 

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Grades 9-12




Our in-season strength and conditioning program operates on a personalized workout model shared through Google Sheets. This platform allows for seamless communication and updates between coaches and athletes, ensuring that your training regimen remains tailored to your evolving needs and performance goals. As part of the program, you will receive weekly updates and feedback on your workouts, enabling you to make real-time adjustments.

Players have two types of payment methods per month: 

Personalized weight lifting program with communication with a coach,


Personalized weight lifting program with communication with a coach with Origin Athletics weight room use, (requires communication with Origin Athletics staff before usage)


At Origin, we are committed to helping you achieve your athletic goals and excel during the competitive season. Our In-Season Strength and Conditioning Program offers a personalized, data-driven approach to training, coupled with the convenience of online communication. Join us today and experience the difference that our program can make in your performance and overall athletic success.

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