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Complete Program Listing: ’24 Summer Youth MVP

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’24 Summer Youth MVP


06/10/2024 12:00pm - 07/22/2024 

Program Details

Age Group

Grades 3-5




Youth M.V.P.

Maximum Velocity and Power has been a staple program at our older aged groups for years.  We are revamping it for the youth levels and targeting the 9u-11u age groups.  Our director Chuck VanRobays will be running the program and it will be supported by the Origin Athletics Staff.  The program Breakdown will run as follows.

Rough Out Line
12pm – 12:25

  • Working warm up and mobility
  • Agility and reactive speed work
  • Straight line sprint mechanics

12:25 – 1pm

  • Hitting lead in work (tube work, rebel rack, med balls etc.)
  • Specific swing drills
  • Rapsodo Metric Tracking
  • hitting games and competitions

1pm to 1:25

  • Intro total body strength training, appropriate for the athletes level

1:25 – 1:30

  • Cool down and flexibility work


12 -1:30pm

6/10 to 7/22


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